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August 15

Check out the Gone South movie poster! Recognize any of these faces?


August 11

Hey everyone! Check out the Official Gone South Trailer right now!

Gone South Trailer

August 8

Yet another amazing interview with the wonderful Alan Thicke on set for Gone South! You might remember him from Growing Pains, but you should also check out his new reality show, Unusually Thicke.

Alan Thicke and Leslie Bland  

August 6

We had the opportunity to interview another amazing Canadian icon, Dave Thomas. You may know him as Doug McKenzie from a little show called SCTV. Here he is on set for Gone South!

Dave Thomas and Tracy Thomas

August 1

Thrilled to be invited to the Florida Documentary Film Festival! Off to South Beach in September!

DocMiami Logo

July 31

We had tons of fun sharing some Timbits with the adorable Calum Worthy from Disney’s Austin and Ally! Check out these funny pics from our interview!

Tracy Thomas and Calum Worthy

July 28

Here’s a picture of Producer Rob Cowan on set for Gone South! Rob has been a Producer and Assistant Director on The Conjuring, The Crazies, Righteous Kill, Life As A House, Chernobyl Diaries and many more!

Rob Cowan talent

July 25

We had so much fun hanging out with the always hilarious Will Sasso on set for Gone South! You might remember him from MadTV, Movie 43, The Three Stooges, Best in Show and many more! What’s your favourite Will Sasso performance?

Will Sasso

July 23

We all had a blast getting to hang out with Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons during Shannon’s interview for the Gone South doc! There were some really funny moments in Shannon’s interview, and it was a hysterical time for all of us!


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