Posted on May 20, 2021

Muscle Muse is a 10 x 30 lifestyle fitness series of core and weight workouts for women 40+ led by host and fitness trainer Monica Elliott.

With picturesque settings of Victoria, BC providing inspiring scenic beauty (including ocean, garden, and mountain views) Monica leads a group of three to four participants in routines that help burn calories, tone the body, and retain muscle mass.

Monica Elliott, BSc, is a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, and former fitness competitor.  She is also a total science nerd and is constantly reading and learning about the latest in exercise and nutrition research.  Monica teaches many different fitness modalities including TRX, Indoor Cycling, Tabata, Strength, HIIT, and Barre.  Her love of fitness led her to create a highly successful mobile personal training business that brings fitness into the homes of people who would otherwise not be exercising.  Monica has spent almost two decades training and teaching people, so that they can live happy, healthier lives.

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